At the core and in our daily practice, we are a service company. Our vast suite of capabilities allows us to be a collaborative partner, and recognized leader in design. Our expertise extends across a variety of industries and markets. Drawing from our network of talent, our teams translate each client’s needs and vision into exceptional design solutions.

Interior Design

Interior design lies at the heart of our firm. We’ve built a reputation for concept-driven spaces that resonate with clients because every element relates to a central narrative. Our designers work collaboratively and strategically to deliver innovation, quality, and sustainable interiors. Our portfolio includes restaurants, bars, hotels, retail, banking, healthcare, and corporate projects. All characterized by a process that begins with the dynamic collaboration between our clients and us.

Interior Environments

Prototype Development

At CDI Solutions we use prototype development to deliver branded experiences that envelop and immerse consumers and end-users in your brand. Our team will work side-by-side with you and ensure the prototype connects with consumers throughout the design. For a single use space, or franchise roll-out, our team of interior designers will shape the customer experience, acting as the “gatekeepers” to your design aesthetics.


Our firm facilitates and assists by identifying and analyzing the needs and goals of the client; evaluating existing documentation and conditions; assessing project resources and limitations; identifying life, safety and code requirements; and developing project schedules and budgets.

Environmental Wayfinding
& Signage

Wayfinding is a term associated with the mechanics of providing a person with the ability to find his or her way to a given destination or specific point within a complex facility. At CDI Solutions, our firm develops wayfinding strategies that integrate signage, art, and architectural elements with the built environment to make navigating a facility intuitive. Our goal is to make wayfinding easy for our clients and the people they serve. Just as a facility changes and evolves, so does the need for wayfinding.


We see sustainable design as a triple win: good for business, people, and the planet. Our firm provides sustainable interior environments facilitated by a team with extensive sustainable design concept and integration backgrounds, LEED accreditation through the USGBC, and WELL Building Standards project experience.  As designers, we are committed to providing clients with design solutions that create a better world to live, work and play.